Like father, like daughter (and Annie too)

Dad, this one is for you. 

We used to hang up this 1970-something picture of my dad on the refrigerator b/c he had this big ol’ fro that we thought was so funny.  I finally did Yearbook Yourself, where you put your face on hairstyles from different years.  The afro one was my favorite.  Annie, I did yours for you too.  Aren’t I a good friend?  You can thank me later:)  I think we look pretty good with afros. 

Yearbook Image                        Yearbook Image
suzanne, 1978                                      annie, 1978

Me, Annie and Amanda – KU homecoming 2003

Did I really just spend 30 minutes on this?


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3 responses to “Like father, like daughter (and Annie too)

  1. Annie

    Nice! Looks pretty good! Maybe I need to get a perm? You are too funny!

  2. You should totally get a ‘fro!

  3. so funny. i have to do this to some pictures…

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