I’m fired (as our pumpkin carver)!

Over the years I’ve somehow turned in to our official pumpkin carver.  I’m usually pretty good at it.  But this year, my pumpkins were horrible.  Eric, next year I’m passing the position over to you.

Kenny wanted a ghost pumpkin and a bat one.  I made the mistake of carving the outline of the ghost first so when I began to cut out the mouth and eyes, the whole ghost broke off and we basically had just a huge oval hole in our pumpkin.  Luckily, Eric had the great idea of using toothpicks shish kabob sticks to reattach the ghost to the pumpkin.  The bat didn’t turn out too bad, but it looked more like a big mouth than a bat. 

We had one tiny pumpkin that we couldn’t carve.  It was almost too solid.  We turned it into a Mr. Potato Head pumpkin.  Eric’s now a pro at that one.  He even asked if we could do that to all our pumpkins next year so we didn’t have to carve them.  He also had the idea of creating genetically altered pumpkins that would be hollow on the inside so you could simply carve them and not have to scrape all the goo out.  I told him if he could figure that one out, we’d probably make a lot of money.  I’d buy one for sure. 

Kenny helped out by scooping out the goo from the bat pumpkin (mainly using a spoon).  He only touched the inside stuff once or twice.

The rest of the time he looked like this when it touched his fingers.

Luke cried the entire time we were inside carving the pumpkins. 

I think he may have thought that we were going to eat the pumpkins and so he was upset about not getting to.  I have no idea.  All I know is that he went to bed after I took some pictures of the boys and our pumpkins.


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4 responses to “I’m fired (as our pumpkin carver)!

  1. i was somehow elected to this post, also! not my favorite job. my sister helped this year!

    we did a potato head too! it’s so easy.

  2. Sonya

    LOVE the potato head idea! Very cute pictures of the boys!

  3. I loke the pumpkins you made. They look good! I am SO not our pumpkin carver. Dan is really artistic so he does them. One year he did a Jerry Garcia pumpkin that was amazing. I’ll have to see if I can find a pic of it and post it.

  4. illinigirl

    Great pictures. They are cracking me up! I love the boys’ facial expressions during the carving process!

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