Crossing everything possible

I am crossing every finger, toe and any other body part that I possibly can for a McCain win.  I’m hoping that Obama supporters won’t make it to the polls today.

And thank goodness it will all be over tonight.



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6 responses to “Crossing everything possible

  1. praying all day that mccain pulls off a victory…it would be especially sweet to prove to the mainstream media that voters are smarter than they think!

  2. Annie

    Barack the vote! It’s going to be fantastic when he wins.=)

  3. annie,
    just like gore in 2000?
    we’ll see tonight!

  4. Voters ARE smarter than the mainstream media thinks! That’s why I’m predicting a close race tonight with an Obama win!!!

  5. i agree with you that it’s going to be close, no matter who wins.

  6. Annie

    Ooh, Suz. That hurts. Don’t remind me how we got robbed. It is going to be a close one…but I think Obama is going to be successful.=)

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