Making a dent

I’ve started to make a dent, a small dent, but a dent in my Christmas list of gifts that I need to buy.  Luke’s big present is here, along with one stocking stuffer.  I still need to find Kenny’s big present but I have a few little things for him that just need to be wrapped.  I even bought a gift for my niece 2 days ago.  I have a great idea for my mom and even an idea for my dad, who is the hardest to shop for by far. 

So, how are the rest of you doing?  Have you started shopping or are you waiting for Thanksgiving weekend?



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6 responses to “Making a dent

  1. I am probably waiting until the week before christmas. :P

  2. Karen Kelly

    Just did the big Toys R Us run today and put a big dent in my list! Now, where to stash them…

  3. i’m probably about 50% finished, with lots of ideas for what else i need to buy…i love to shop early!

  4. karen, i have my toys r us coupon in my purse ready to go.
    nicole, i’m so jealous!

  5. kirksonya

    I just started last week. Only picked up a couple of things. I have tons more to get and usually by this time I’m close to being finished. This third baby has gotten me behind! :-) What Toys R Us coupon are you talking about?!?

  6. i have a 20% off one item coupon and then 2 of those spend $75 and get a $10 gift certificate. i always have my mom grab as many of them as she can find in the sunday paper.

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