Packing away the nice weather

My goal for today is to round up all the boys’ summer clothes and pack them away.  I have a feeling we won’t have a need for any more short sleeve shirts.  Wasn’t it gorgeous last week when it was in the 70s? 

I also need to clean both bathrooms, especially Kenny’s.  I’m sure you moms with boys are all too familiar with the scent of urine from when they miss the toilet and pee on the floor.  There’s nothing like opening the bathroom door and having that wonderful smell almost knock you out.

*UPDATE:  Oh, Kenny.  You and your dad will be having another lesson on how to aim tonight.

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One response to “Packing away the nice weather

  1. Can you come clean my bathrooms, too? I need to get the bleach out.

    I have a basket of clothes that needs to go downstairs into storage, too…all summer stuff that won’t be worn again this year!

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