Works-for-me Wednesday – Borrowing discounts from the library









I read in Parents magazine that many public libraries have a program set up where you can check out discounts or free admission passes to local attractions, such as museums, state parks, etc.  You just check out these passes like you would check out a library book.  Isn’t that a great idea?

After I read this I went to our local library asked if they had anything like this.  The librarian told me that they didn’t but she thought it was a great idea.  She had me fill out a comment card and I stapled a copy of the article to it so they would know that I was legit.  I’m hoping that whoever reads my comment will like the idea enought to get it started.  If not, I’ll just keep asking about it.  Oh, and get all my friends to do the same. 

For everyone else, I highly recommend asking about it at your library.  If they don’t already have this program, maybe you can get it started in your area.  Discounts are always nice.

This idea worked for me and hopefully it will work for you too!  Head over to Rocks in My Dryer for more great ideas.



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4 responses to “Works-for-me Wednesday – Borrowing discounts from the library

  1. I came by from WFMW and after seeing your username I had to visit! My hubby went to KU back in the ?early 80’s and I think he and his family may very well be the biggest Jayhawk fans alive! :) He even had a Jayhawk on his grooms cake! LOL! I will visit again!

  2. that’s funny. i graduated in may of 2000. your husband has good taste!

  3. Huh. Never heard of that. My library does offer a bunch of downloadable online content, though, including audiobooks, videos, and educational materials.

  4. The Fort Worth Library offers this service. It’s called a Muse Pass and provides free admission into three local attractions. It’s checked out like a DVD — for one week at a time, with $1.00/day late fees after that.

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