I had Kenny’s parent/teacher conference today.  It went really well, not to mention fast.  I have this horrible, gross cold so they said we could do our conference extra fast so I could get out of there.  They said Kenny is a great kid.  He makes friends easily, his skills are highly developed and he’s the whole package (their words, not mine).  I love hearing all good things. 

The rest of this will only be interesting to the grandparents.  This is the first time his teachers have done this type of feedback sheet.  I think I liked the old ones better b/c it had more of the teachers’ thoughts as opposed to examples.  Read over this and see if anything sound familiar?  You’ll notice a lot of references to Sam, J.T. and block area. 

Initiative:  Kenny indicates desired activity place of activity, materials, or playmates with a short sentence.  9/12 When asked about his work plan, Kenny said, “Block area.” 

Kenny joins with others in carrying out complex and varied sequences of activities.  10/13  In the block area, Kenny played with J.T. using Legos.  Kenny said to J.T., “Your turn.  When you’re finished making the pen (for the pigs), can I have a turn?”

Social Relations:  Kenny sustains interactions with other children.  9/15  Kenny played with grass seed at the discovery table with Sam.  Kenny said to Sam, “Hey, watch this!” 

Kenny appears to receive social support from a friend and shows loyalty to the friend.  10/24  Kenny said to classmates, “Hey, don’t fight.  J.T. was doing that.”

Creative Representation:  Kenny uses materials to make or build things with at least 3 details represented.  10/24 In the block area, Kenny said, “We’re making a big bridge with a digger and now we need a ramp for the horse.”

Kenny explores drawing and painting materials.  9/5  Kenny used markers and stickers to decorate sign.

Kenny draws or paints representations with a few details.  9/12 Kenny used markers to create a self-portrait.

Music and Movement:  Kenny performs precise actions involving opposing hand movements.  9/8 In small group, Kenny used paper punches, tape, scissors, markers and glue.

Kenny responds to the beat of songs or instrumental music with more complex movements.  9/8 Kenny played musical instruments and marched in a parade with his classmates during work time.

Language and Literacy:  Kenny uses sentences that include 2 or more ideas with descriptive details.  10/13 In the block area, Kenny said to J.T., “Your turn!  May I have some of your pumpkins to put in the pen I made for the animals and pumpkins?”

Kenny shows interest when stories are read.  9/8 At circle, we read the book, “The Kissing Hand.”

Logic and Mathematics:  In sorting, Kenny groups objects together that are the same in some way and occasionally describes what has been done.  9/22 In small group, Kenny sorted all of the blue, plastic bugs.

Kenny correctly counts four to ten objects.  9/3 Kenny stacked five similar dessert dishes and counted correctly.

Kenny correctly counts over ten objects.  9/26 Kenny counted plastic bugs up to 13.


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  1. It will also be interesting to the aunts! ;)

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