Conservatives vs. moderates *UPDATED

Eric and I had our first precinct committee man/woman meeting last night.  It’s funny b/c during the elections, the party seems so united.  I tend to forget (until this meeting) that the party is actually divided into 2, conservatives and moderates.  Eric and I fall into the moderates section.  Although I’m pro-life, I’m very liberal on gay/lesbian rights.  Back to the meeting.  Last night we voted to see, basically, which side would run our county’s GOP.  And that all comes down to which side had the most people elected.  

Eric and I walked in, checked in and were handed a sheet of paper with a list of everyone we should vote for, which was decided by people on our moderate side.  Guess who 2 of the people were on the sheet for possible delegates?  Yep, us.  We didn’t even know that they were putting us on the ballot and I have no idea how we were picked.  If there were more moderates at meeting, we should win.  Funny, huh?  (Mom, Deb and Larry were on the ballot too.) 

The meeting took forever last night.  Eric and I voted but then had to leave at 9:45 so Eric could get to work so we don’t even know who won.  I can’t find anything on-line yet either.  I’ll let you know when I do.

*UPDATED:  The results are in.  Eric and I didn’t win but we are alternates.  Shoot…

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