I heart Spray and Wash

I thought about titling this post “how to keep an 18 month old quiet at the movie theatres for up to an hour” but that was just too long.

We took Kenny and Luke to see Madagascar 2 on Friday.  We knew the chances of getting Luke to be quiet for an hour and a half were slim to none so we strategically fed him throughout the film to keep him occupied for as long as possible.  The movie started and Luke was mesmerized for maybe 10-15 minutes.  After that came the popcorn, which kept him occupied for 20 more minutes.  Then he figured out that he if he leaned all the way forward and then shot all the way back in his seat, it became a sort of ride.  That wasted another 10 minutes.  Then came the M&Ms, which added another 20 minutes to our viewing pleasure. 

That was as far as we got.  Luke had had enough and started screaming so he and I spent the rest of the time out in the lobby, where I saw that his shirt looked like this…


Just imagine what his face and hands looked like.


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6 responses to “I heart Spray and Wash

  1. that’s so funny! an hour’s pretty good, though…nice job!

    did it all come out in the wash?

  2. Karen Kelly

    Strategic Feeding…priceless!

  3. it’s still soaking. i’m giving it a 50/50 chance

  4. illinigirl

    Oh my goodness!

  5. Amanda

    Hahaha. That’s hilarious. I took Will and Kylie to see Madagascar 2 on Saturday!

  6. i just finished his shirt and all the stains came out.

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