Tubes in, adenoids out

Kenny had his surgery today. 

We actually didn’t think it was going to happen b/c he woke up with a little cough, which means he has probably caught my cold from hell.  We took him in anyways, they checked him out and then gave him the green light.  The surgery went pretty fast.  They did have to take his adenoids out since they were swollen, which meant he had to get a breathing tube put into his throat (a trach tube?)  He was pretty groggy and upset in recovery but by 1:00 he was semi back to normal.  Eric had the great idea of giving him a treat since he did such a great job so I dug into my Christmas stash and gave him the Toy Story 2 dvd that was going to be from Luke.  My mom also brought over a new Leapster game so he was in heaven.  Although not enough to go through it all again:) 

He’s pretty much back to 100% tonight.  I’m going to keep him home from school tomorrow, just in case.  Plus, I think his funky breath would knock out his classmates.  They warned us about this before the surgery but man, it sinks. 

I’m so glad we probably won’t have to deal with any more ear/hearing issues!



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3 responses to “Tubes in, adenoids out

  1. glad for you and kenny that it’s over!

    TS2 is one of our boys’ favorite movies. we still have the VHS tapes of those!

  2. YAY! Sounds like he is doing great.

  3. kirksonya

    So glad everything went well. New toys/movies always make a person feel better :-)

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