Progress – possibly

Remember that WFMW that I did a few weeks ago about checking out free passes to local museums and attractions from the library?  One of the comments I received was from Amanda who wrote “The Fort Worth Library offers this service. It’s called a Muse Pass and provides free admission into three local attractions. It’s checked out like a DVD — for one week at a time, with $1.00/day late fees after that.”  I forwarded her comment on to our library and received this e-mail:

Ms. —–,
Thanks so much for your comment. We are aware of this program and we also think it is great! It is a complex process to get everyone to agree on how it works, but we will continue to pursue it and hopefully see some success.
Thanks again,

—–, Information Services Manager
Johnson County Library

We may just get things going here.  If any of you go to the Johnson County Libraries in KC, please send them an e-mail about this or say something next time you’re there.

Oh, and thank you Amanda!

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  1. look at you! changing the world. good job :)

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