Eric goes to preschool

Eric and his friend Brady went to Kenny’s school today to talk to the kids about police stuff.  Luke and I stayed to watch.  It was so funny, I couldn’t stop laughing.  Eric was trying to talk to the kids and, as kids do, they kept talking about the most random things.  One little boy raised his hand and said something to the effect of, “my brother is a boy scout and they’re always right.”  That was it.  Just a statement about them being right.  Then, at one point Eric was talking to them about how they can always call 911 if they need help.  One of the kids asked if they could call if Santa got hurt climbing down the chimney (Eric wisely replied yes).  It was cute. 

Here’s Eric talking to the class. 


The kids covering their ears while Eric and Brady showed them the police sirens.


John, Eric and Brady


The class


Eric and Brady even brought up the Mobile Command Unit but I somehow didn’t get a picture of that.  They gave the kids badge stickers, coloring books, pens, baseball cards and (my idea) a copy of the kids’ fingerprints.  I really wanted a copy of Kenny’s prints – you would think that I would already have a copy since my husband is a cop, but no.  I had them do Luke’s while we were up there too.  I feel like a much better parent now.


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5 responses to “Eric goes to preschool

  1. very cool! kenny must have been so excited.

    somehow, i don’t think that a “banker” talk would be as exciting for preschoolers :) my boys will have to wait until high school careers day!

  2. i’d go to a “banker” talk. i could use a few tips.

  3. illinigirl

    That’s great. . . I love the random questions that kids ask. :) . . . and love the pics of the kids covering their ears!

  4. So funny! Rich (my husband) just went to Paige’s class to talk about being a doctor. We got 19 thanks-yous back today. They were a crack-up!

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