Thanksgiving pics

On Thanksgiving Day we ran dropped Luke off at my parents’ house (Kenny had spent the night there), ran our 5k, drove back to my parents for a late breakfast, went to Mary’s for our first Thanksgiving meal and then ran back to my parents for our final meal.  We were a little busy, huh?

Here are some Thanksgiving pictures.  I only managed to get a few at my MIL’s house before my camera died. 

Noah and Kenny


Kenny, Noah, Jennifer, Luke and Mary


And of course a video on just what Thanksgiving looked like with 3 of the 5 cousins.  Can you tell they were having fun?

Then on Friday night we went out with Eric’s side of the family to The Other Place.  It’s right up the street and we go through phases where we seem to live there.   

Eric, Rachel, Jennifer and Jim


Mary and Kenny


Eric I, Kylie, Crystal, Will and Carol


Noah and Dan


Amanda and her new boyfriend A.J. 


I somehow managed to get a picture of everyone but myself and Luke.  Oh well, next year.


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One response to “Thanksgiving pics

  1. I love the video of Luke and Kenny and Noah smacking themselves in the heads. Our little geniuses! Man, that was fun.

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