Happy birthday Annie!

Happy birthday to one of my very best friends.  Annie and I met in college.  We were sorority sisters and eventually roommates.  We’ve had some great times, whether it was sitting on our perches, midnight horn blowing, smelling/Fabreze-ing a certain someone’s funky sheets, listening to Jimmy sing “Vineyard” for the entire car trip to St. Louis and back, carrying a giant penis around (a plastic one, of course) or having long talks about guys and skid marks.  Each and every one of those could be their own separate post.  These are some of my favorite pictures.

Before Luau – I’m in the back center and Annie is to the right of me.


Luau again.  Kristy, Kelly, Annie and myself


Me and Annie (Annie reminded me that we are doing the Michael Jackson.  That makes much more sense.)


Me and Annie


Eric, me, Annie and Will.  Our formal was at this hotel where they had karaoke.  There were pure townies there so Annie and her friend Will thought it would be fun to sing “Ebony and Ivory” in front of them.  Then the 4 of us did “Ice, Ice Baby”.  Well, Will did it and we just tried to keep up.


Me, Annie and Kelly about to do the rip-pull in Texas


My bridesmaids:  Kelly S., Annie, me, Kelly G. and Jackie (my cousin)


Me and Annie at her wedding in 2006.  She looked so pretty in her dress. 


I hope you had a great birthday!  Love ya.



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2 responses to “Happy birthday Annie!

  1. Annie

    Thanks, Suz! Some of those pictures made me laugh out loud….and your commentary, of course. By the way…In case you didn’t know I just turned 30 AGAIN.=)

    By the way, I don’t know if the “Michael Jackson pose” photo was necessary. Do you remember when you and Kelly cut you out, so it was just a picture of me doing that, then made copies and put them all over campus on my 21st b-day? I think that was taken at the Kappa Sig Ski Lodge party…I stole those devil horns from somebody…

  2. is that what we were doing? the michael jackson pose? that makes much more sense now. i like that pic.
    turning 30 again sounds good. i think i’ll follow suit when it’s my turn!

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