Kenny LOVES anything that has to do with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  This was the costume that he wore when he was 3.  He keeps it in one of his drawers and dresses up in it every once in a while.  Luke wanted to try it on last night.  We couldn’t get him out of it, even though he could barely walk b/c the legs were so long.  Can you say, I want to be just like my big brother?




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3 responses to “TMNT

  1. he’s so cute!

    just wait…it’ll get even more pronounced (the imitating of kenny) when he’s 2-3.

  2. I love when boys like to play “dress up.” Maybe I better get a better name for that when refering to boys. How about “get into character”? That’s cooler.

  3. i like that – get into character. good thinking.

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