Santa, take 1

I took the boys to see Santa on Saturday morning. 


As you can see, Luke is noticably absent in this picture.  That would be b/c he started screaming as soon as we came within a yard of Santa.  I may try again later this week.  Or there’s always next year.  He should be over this phase by then.  Since I don’t have a picture of Luke with Santa, here’s a picture of a juice box Luke from that morning. 



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4 responses to “Santa, take 1

  1. seriously…our boys share a wardrobe! Luke is wearing one my favorite sweaters that our boys have.

    noticeably absent…ha! we have one with a crying face…i think it was my Luke.

  2. we have that sweater in 2 tones of blue in another size too.
    we have a crying one of kenny too. we shouldn’t have paid money for it but at the time we thought it was hilarious. i’ll have to scan it some time.

  3. uh, we have the blue one, too. i actually like the one in all blue the best!

  4. we must have good taste.

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