Cookies, anyone?

Kenny and I made my favorite cookies in the whole entire world today.  I don’t know who came up with them or what they’re called (do you know mom?) but they are so good.  As in, so good that you make them and then have to give the majority away so you don’t eat every single one, good.

You need these 4 items: 


1.  Peanut Butter

2.  Chocolate Almond Bark (you can find this right next to the chocolate chips in the grocery store)

3.  Town House crackers – and it has to be Town House

4.  Waxed paper



Break the almond bark into squares.  I usually hit the package against the edge of my counter.  If you get some pieces that won’t break, you can cut them with a sharp knife.  The chocolate seems to cut a lot easier if you put the knife completely veritical to it and push straight down (instead of trying to saw through it).   


Throw the entire package of cut up almond bar pieces into a pot.   

Turn stove on LOW (on my stove I put the heat on 3).  Stir every few minutes until the chocolate is completely melted.

Note:  If you have the heat up too high, the chocolate will look more like it’s whipped instead of creamy. 


While the chocolate is melting, you can work on making the cookie part, aka Kenny’s job.


Just take a cracker, slap a glob of peanut butter on it and then cover the peanut butter with another cracker.  Don’t squeeze the crackers together too hard or the peanut butter will start coming out of the sides.  Easy, huh? 


When your chocolate is completely melted and looks like this, you are ready to start dunking your crackers.


Throw a few crackers into the chocolate and dip them until they are covered in chocolate.  I use 2 forks at this point.  One to roll the cracker around in the chocolate and also to lift it out and another to scrape off the excess chocolate.  Just make sure you don’t scrape so hard that you you take off too much chocolate and can see the cracker.


Put the cookies on waxed paper to dry.  You may want to put a layer of paper towels underneath the waxed paper b/c sometimes it wants to stick to the table (or countertop). 


Serves:  50 cookies

I doubled the recipe so I have 100 96 sitting in our house.  I’ve already had 3 and Kenny had 1.  Like I said, I need to get these out of my house.  

Oh, and Keebler, if you would like to buy the copyright to these cookies from me (assuming it’s not your recipe to begin with), feel free to give me a call so we can negotiate :)



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6 responses to “Cookies, anyone?

  1. a) I love these cookies. Will have to make some.

    b) Look at you getting all “Pioneer Woman Cooks” with the pictures of the process! Nice job!

  2. this is probably the only time you will ever see pics of the process on my blog…i’m not a cook:)

  3. illinigirl

    I love the pics. . . I need to hire you to take pictures for my cookbook. Especially considering that I have taken some pictures *of myself* cooking for my cookbook. Yes, dorkiness at it’s finest! It’s for me and only me so it can be extra-dorky, I think. ;)

    I am so easily entertained.

  4. Those look soooo yummy! I want some. We are making sugar cookies tomorrow so maybe I’ll make some of those too. Looks like they’re easy enough for me! ;)

  5. The cookies are very good, Suzanne don’t sell yourself short you do a better job cooking than you think.

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