Not Joseph

Today was Kenny’s annual Christmas Story at his preschool.  The class always meets in one of the smaller chapels where a teacher tells the story of Jesus’ birth.  After that, the kids dress up in costumes and walk through the story.  It’s always more fun to see your kids participate so this morning Kenny and I had a talk about volunteering. 

Me:  “So Kenny, we’re coming to watch your class do the Christmas Story today.  What are you going to be?”

Kenny:  “Not Joseph.” 

Me:  “Why not?”

Kenny:  “I was Joseph last year and Joseph can be Joseph this year.” 

Joseph is one of the boys in his class so I guess that makes sense.

Me:  “So who are you going to be?”

Kenny:  “Not Joseph.”

And that’s about where our conversation ended. 

As it turned out, Kenny – and Joseph – chose to be shepards.  They did a great job. 





Here’s one of Luke.  It’s weird to think that he’ll be up there doing that in 2 years.   




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3 responses to “Not Joseph

  1. Those pictures are classics! Too cute!

  2. Kenny did a great job! What cute kids I have.

  3. illinigirl

    Kenny looks like a natural in the role. . . such cute costumes and props. :)

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