19 month picture

I want to say thank you to the woman who took Kenny and Luke’s picture today.  Thank you for being patient while my 19 month old ran around the room and would only sit for a picture if he was being asked to tackle his older brother (aka sit on his back).  Thank you for getting one good picture, even if you were only able to take about 8 shots in total. 


Once again, please excuse the quality of the picture (crappy scanner).



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4 responses to “19 month picture

  1. the picture is cute, though, despite the struggles to get one!

    i remember (and hate) the stage where they won’t comply with the picture request.

  2. illinigirl

    I love the sweaters.

    When my boss’ son was Luke’s age, he REFUSED to look at the camera during one photo session (and it was one where they had ALL the cousins and stuff together trying to get a group shot). One of my favorite pictures features all the kids squirming and out of position. . . and her son, completely turned away from the camera. She could laugh after the fact!

  3. we did that last year too with the 5 cousins. the best shot we were able to get was one with kenny’s face partially covered (which is a pretty good shot when you have 5 kids 5 and under). i love that picture.

  4. kirksonya

    Such a cute picture of the boys!

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