Christmas break

Kenny is officially on winter break now.  He had his Christmas party at school today and then all the parents came to sing Christmas carols with the kids for the last 30 minutes. 

I’ve been busy the last few days and I think I’m pretty much done with everything that I have control over.

Christmas cards – sent

Presents that needed to be sent – in the mail

Presents – all purchased and wrapped (except for one that should be delivered any day now)

Cookies – all made.  I still need to deliver the ones to the police station.  I did promise Kenny that we could make some cut out cookies before Christmas.  I don’t know why but I hate making these cookies.  I always hope that Kenny won’t think about them and I’ll have a year off.

Hopefully I won’t remember something at the very last minute.



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5 responses to “Christmas break

  1. SOOOO on top of things! Were you once one of Santa’s elves?

  2. you’re definitely further along than i am…will work on wrapping the boys’ gifts tonight, and hoping that i can convince matt to help me with that!

    cookies are nearly finished…we still need to make your cracker/pb/chocolate ones and that’s all. and i have to frost the 85 sugar cookies sitting on my table. i know why you hate making them – there’s too many stinking steps involved!

  3. We made sugar cookies but already most of them are gone. I am way behind on everything else. Of course, we are way ahead on only the eating part.

  4. nicole-i may or may not have sent some cookies your way today (freshly made this morning).

  5. and i would make more for anyone else on my blogroll.

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