Minor detail

Remember how I was feeling so good about having almost everything done for Christmas?  Remember how I said that I hoped I hadn’t forgotten something.  I did.  I realized yesterday that I didn’t have nice black shoes and socks for the boys to wear to church on Christmas.  You know, just a minor detail ;)

We ran some errands today and the shoes and socks are now sitting in our house, ready to go (along with my new pair of cute running shoes).

I am so glad I realized this yesterday and not as I was getting the boys ready for church.  That would have been bad.


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6 responses to “Minor detail

  1. What kind of running shoes did you get?

  2. i always get adidas. they fit me better than nike.


    i like dark shoes better, epecially gray ones. last time i switched it up and bought white ones and i wasn’t as happy about them.

  3. Eric

    They are very stylish with some pink to make them feminine. She looks so good in them.

  4. Hey, Suzanne!

    Good to hear from you. Your boys are adorable! Love your blog – I bookmarked it so I can follow along. :)

    Happy holidays!

  5. Awesome shoes! Are those trail runners?

  6. kcjayhawk

    jen-yes they are (i have another pair just to wear around). i love them.

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