Just in time for the cold weather

Our friends Steve and Suzie Martin are in town from San Diego, just in time for the cold, cold, cold temps.  I swear with experiences like this, Suzie will never, ever, ever consider moving to the midwest.  With the weather like this, I can’t say I blame her.  In fact, I may stow away in one of their suitcases if it doesn’t warm up a little bit soon. 

They came over last night.  Poor Suzie had to listen to us tell our same old high school stories again.  She’s probably heard the same stories (cough, cough, warm buns, cough) about 1,527 times since she and Steve started dating.  Even so, we all had fun. 

Suzie is 6 months pregnant with their little girl.  She and Steve found out about a month ago that their baby has multicystic dysplastic kidney disease, which is a condition where cysts are formed on a kidney.  Although there are many scenarios that could happen, they’re hoping that their baby girl will be born with one functioning kidney and the other with benign tumors that haven’t spread.  Please send good thoughts their way. 

They have also promised to come up with a name for baby Martin before Steve leaves on deployment in mid-January. 

Congrats to them (again)!


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