Grandma’s recipes

Remember that free photo book giveaway that Oprah and Snapfish teamed up for?  The timing couldn’t have been better.

I had already decided that I wanted to put together a book of all my Grandma Irene’s recipes to give to my mom for Christmas.  I had even started one on another website but quickly jumped ship when that offer came out.  I found every recipe that my mom had (Nicole, this how I found your mom’s cookie recipe) and then let my aunt, uncle and cousins in on the surprise so I could quickly collect theirs too.  Then, I spent the week working like a madwoman trying to get the cookbook finished.





My mom cried when she opened it, even though she knew it was coming (my uncle Mike accidentally spilled the beans about a week before Christmas).  I love the way it turned out too.  Plus, since it was free (except for shipping), I was able to give one to all of my other relatives for Christmas too.



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7 responses to “Grandma’s recipes

  1. That is one of the neatest christmas presents I have ever seen. I bet your mom was so happy to get it. Good work!!!

  2. kcjayhawk

    if you guys have a lot of your grandma’s recipes, maybe we could do something like this for your mom for mother’s day.

  3. Awesome!!!

    I am making one of these for myself. I have been working on this for approximately one year. Pathetic, I know. . . but I keep finding more recipes to add!!! Eventually, I will bite the bullet and make my first one and save all the new recipes for another volume. :) Maybe I should make this a New Years goal. . . hmmm. . .

  4. This is SO cool! Definitely the type of gift I like to give!

  5. I have none of my grandma’s recipes…but I’m sure my mom and aunt carol do, so maybe we could steal them!!! I want to know how to make that brown sugar candy!

  6. kirksonya

    Looks like it turned out great! I did the free book also…..I think I ordered it about a half hour before the deadline time. They take longer to do than what you think! Great idea!

  7. this is so, so cool. love it!

    like hannah, i’m considering putting all of my favorites into a cookbook, but maybe instead i should do all of my mom’s favorites and give it to my siblings.

    i should probably get started on that now for next christmas.

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