The boys and I gave Eric a Wii for Christmas.  It came with the Wii Sport games.  You wouldn’t believe how good Kenny is at the bowling.  He beat Eric twice tonight.  In one of those games he had 5 strikes and a few spares with a high score in the 170’s.  I’ll have to take a picture of it next time.

Mom, you’ll have to try it out and see if you’re any good.


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4 responses to “Bowling

  1. we were ADDICTED when we first got our wii. matt and i would stay up way too late bowling or doing the bowling or golf challenges. isn’t it crazy how good the kids are? luke was better than me for a long time.

    i’d like to pretend like we have more sense now, but we’re up too late every night playing guitar hero this year.

  2. Eric

    I’m slightly embrassed that my 4 year old son can beat me at a video game. I thought I was good. However since we got our fancy new Wii and a few games, we’ve spent most of our time downloading original NES games. We’ve been playing a lot of the original Zelda and Super Mario Bros. I also downloaded the original Castlvania. Glad we spent all the money on the New Zelda and Call of Duty to sit around playing NES games. Oh well its a lot of fun.

  3. Sure, Eric, excuses excuses!!

  4. illinigirl

    I am really quite amazing at the wii sports bowling and golf (if I do say so myself). . . I think my dad got tired of playing against me!

    I am really quite terrible at the wii fit games. Apparently, I have no balance!

    I have an old school Nintendo. . . I cannot do nearly as well with Super Mario Brothers as I did circa 1988 or whenever that was. . . I clearly need to spend more time on that. :)

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