Kenny was doing his exercises last night (aka running around our house) and he accidentally knocked Luke over pretty hard.  He and Eric had a little talk and then Kenny disappeared in his room.  A few minutes later he came out with this note that he had made.  Can you tell what it says? 


The answer is in the comment section.

I’ll try to scan the actual note in later if I have time.



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6 responses to “Decipher

  1. Answer: Sorry DaDa for knocking Luke.
    Not bad, huh?

  2. i have an advanced degree in deciphering preschool writing :) i actually knew what it said!

    how cute is that? and suzanne, his spelling is amazing for a four year old.

    now that you’re helping a little one learn the intricacies of english, isn’t is frustrating how many words break the “rules”?

  3. i agree.
    he also doesn’t get why you isn’t just spelled u. i kind of agree.
    i can’t take much credit for his spelling. i’m telling you that it was the leap frog letter factory and word factory videos. you could just see the lightbulb going off after seeing them.
    i remember some of your luke’s letters and couldn’t believe how good he was at it.

  4. I was close…I thought it was dude instead of dada, lol. I agree that his spelling is amazing for a 4 year old. Phonetically, it’s darned near perfect. Unbelievable!!!

  5. suzanne, i’ve long credited those leapfrog videos for my boys’ phonics knowledge, too! i think they’re amazing. though professor quigley is really annoying.

  6. That’s incredible! He is going to amaze his teachers! I totally knew what it meant without looking at the answer!

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