Christmas 2008

I know I’m late on my Christmas post.  We had a lot going on so I’m going to try to recap it all.  Hopefully I won’t miss anything important. 
We gave Luke his kitchen on Christmas Eve and let the boys play with it during the day.  We had originally planned on giving it to Luke from Santa but the box it was in was just too big and Kenny noticed it right away.  So, instead it came from Eric and I.

Luke and his kitchen


Christmas Eve is always our big night.  We go to church, eat a nice dinner at my parents’ and then open gifts with the rest of my family.   

Kenny and Luke  




Kenny (his face looked like this the majority of the night)


My mom


My brother Billy


My brother Mike


Kenny (and Clark Griswold) looking at his tractors – this picture makes me laugh


My dad




Kenny and Luke in their Christmas pjs.


On Christmas morning, we took our time opening Santa gifts at our house

Eric, Luke and Kenny


and then headed back over to my parents’ for breakfast (caramel rolls-the best) and more Santa gifts.  My brother Billy had bought Rock Band 2 and we spent a ridiculous amount of time playing that.   

Kenny, Luke and Eric


Then we went back over to our house for the boys to have nap time/quiet time.  Plus, we needed a little time to relax.  When the boys woke up, we went over to Eric’s mom’s house to celebrate Christmas with his side of the family.  The boys had more presents from Santa.  Yes, they made out like bandits this year – we all did. 

Luke and Oreo




We played a lot of Wii.  A lot. 

Eric’s Uncle Jim boxing


Eric’s Aunt Carol was hilarious at the boxing.  I think she took out her opponent faster than I’ve ever seen anyone do it before. 

Eric’s sister, Jennifer, and the rest of her crew got into late so we didn’t get to see them until the next day.  We met up with them and the boys opened more gifts and then we hung out with them.  They weren’t able to stay in town long.  They still had to head up to Iowa for Christmas with Dan’s family. 



Dan and Luke


Noah, Jennifer, Oreo and Amanda


Kenny and Noah had a ton of fun together and we’re already planning on going out to Colorado next winter (if not sooner) so Kenny can learn to ski.

We had a great Christmas.  Lots of family, lots of friends.  As fun as it was, I’m glad things are starting to calm down. 


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5 responses to “Christmas 2008

  1. great pictures! looks like lots of fun celebrations.

    is luke still loving the kitchen?

  2. luke still loves his kitchen, although i think kenny loves it more. our new big thing is to play restaurant where they take our order, cook our food and then bill us.

  3. Noah loves playing with his new kitchen too. It was great to see you guys. I hope you can make it out to CO this year so Kenny and Noah can learn to ski together!

  4. illinigirl

    Love the pictures. . . good work! Love Luke’s overalls, too. . . so cute. :)

  5. Sonya

    Great pics! Love the matching pj’s. Looks like you had a great holiday!

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