Practicality is overrated

My parents Santa gave us money for Christmas.  We had originally planned to use the money to buy new tires for my car.  That would have been the practical thing to do.  Too bad that didn’t happen.  Instead, we ended up putting the money towards this new flatscreen t.v. and stand.  It’s okay not to be practical all the time, right?  (Just say yes so I feel better.)




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8 responses to “Practicality is overrated

  1. It looks really nice!

    Feel better about it already :)

  2. I heart my flatscreen. Everyone should have one. And let’s face it, if there were car tires wrapped under the tree, that would be a let-down. I don’t think it’s what your parents intended! The TV is way more present-y.

  3. Practical, schmactical. Plus, don’t you think “Santa” would rather admire your new TV and stand than boring tires for the car? Do it for Santa.

  4. It is absolutely ok not to be practical all the time. It’s pretty!!!!

  5. i like that…do it for santa.

  6. illinigirl

    I thought I didn’t care about having an old crappy TV. . . until I got my 46 in. flat screen. It has changed my life. (Okay, maybe the change in my life has not been *that* profound. . . but it makes me insanely happy when I watch sports, if that counts?) Good purchase. :)

  7. I think we should be impractical more often. I have a few other things in mind.

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