He is so the 2nd child

I have one of those first year frames for both of my boys.  They’re the ones where you put a monthly picture of your baby in each of the designated slots for their first year.  Kenny’s frame was probably finished the day after he turned one, that’s how on top of things I was.  This is what Luke’s looked like until Friday:


Just in case you’re doing the math in your head, yes, Luke is 20 months right now.

Part of my problem was that I got behind in developing pictures.  In fact, I completely stopped.  I finally sucked it up and sat down last week and order over 500 pictures from the past year.  A shipment of 475 arrived on Friday and this is the first thing that I did:


Ta-da.  The picture I want to use for his 8 month spot should be here any day.

Sorry Luke.  I’m sure something like this will happen again so I apologize in advance.



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4 responses to “He is so the 2nd child

  1. Don’t feel bad; this is my life! I’m working on getting June-Dec of last year in albums right now.

    JH hasn’t even had a 1-yr pic taken yet.

  2. illinigirl

    500 pictures! Holy cow! I don’t have many paper copies anymore. . . and in fact, it’s my goal that instead of printing paper copies. . . I am going to scan every picture I have. It should take me ~2-3 years to accomplish this goal (if I’m lucky).

  3. if it weren’t pics of the boys, i wouldn’t have paper copies either. maybe for mother’s day i’ll ask for a digital pic frame (hint, hint, eric).
    i tried scanning a bunch of old pics too but our scanner is about to kick the bucket.

  4. We got my parents and my mother-in-law digital frames for Christmas. They were a big hit. Now I want one!

    It’s amazing how different just pregnancy is with #2…I’m just so indifferent about everything. Perhaps I’m just too tired! I told my mom the other day that it makes me sad to think she felt that indifferent about being pregnant with me (I don’t mean to imply I’m not excited…it’s just not the same as with #1, but I’m sure you understand). I know once her arrival gets closer, it will be a whole new ball game!

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