What do you do with old prom dresses?

I received this email from one of my friends:

Hey gals, 

I have never known what to do with my old prom dresses ’til now!  Just wanted to let you know I found a place that takes old prom dress donations in KC, KS.  They then have area high school students in the KC, KS school district who cannot afford a dress come in and try them on/take one home.  How great!  I saw an article in the KU Alumni mag last fall and they are just starting to take donation now for this prom season.  If you want more information or are interested, you can go to www.cross-lines.org (a non-profit) or donate the dresses directly to 736 Shawnee Ave, KC, KS  66105.  They only ask that the dresses not be too outdated and be clean (or dry cleaned if they are dirty).  Just wanted to pass along the info!  Have a great week.


Mom, do I still have any in my old closet or did you sell/donate all of them?


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One response to “What do you do with old prom dresses?

  1. E-bay is a great place to sell them. Granted, you can’t always get a lot for them. Something is better than nothing I guess.

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