Peer pressure

Eric joined Facebook a couple of months ago.  I didn’t because, well, I felt too old.  I’ve been browsing on his account (shh…don’t tell) and can’t believe how many people are on there.  Even my older cousin Kris has a Facebook page.    I’m thinking about it right now.  I may sign up.  For those of you who are on it, do you really like it or does it just take up more time? 

Oh, and Eric, I made 3 new friends for you today and had a conversation with Wes.  You’re welcome.



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8 responses to “Peer pressure

  1. Totally addictive, but totally fun. You should definitely sign up!

  2. I’m with Jamie…for a long time I felt too old and just didn’t WANT to be on facebook. But I LOVE it. Do it…I’ll be your friend :)

  3. illinigirl

    I’ll be your friend, too! :)

    I was on myspace and didn’t want to convert to facebook. . . and felt like it was sensory overload at first. . . but now I like it and am really keeping in touch with it better than myspace because of status changes and such you are more apt to talk to people more often. Very fun.

  4. Sign up!!! I love facebook. I have reconnected with people I’d lost touch with 10-15 years ago. It is great.

  5. Thank you! I’m putting it off too because I don’t want to be glued to my computer more than I am! (Notice I say putting it off because it is probably inevitable).

  6. Cari

    I had the *exact* same experience with facebook that Hannah had, but now I’m loving it.

    There are a lot of confusing/annoying applications, but once you learn to use the “ignore” button, it’s really fun!

  7. Amanda

    You had a convo with me too! definitely do it! Its a great way to keep in touch with people you rarely see!

  8. i wrote this before i “talked” to you too, amanda. you know, before you (also) told me to sign up.

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