Eric and I took the boys to Wonderscope yesterday.  They’ve re-done parts of it since we were last there.  


Luke LOVED the room with the market and threw a fit when it was time to move on.  



Another big hit was the room with the water tables, although I can’t say it was a favorite of mine.  Luke was drenched by the time we left it.  




FYI if you go there a lot – the last time we were there we went and looked at that Splash Cove pool that’s right next  door (it looks like it’s amazing for little kids).  You have to be a resident of Shawnee, be with a resident or have a membership to get in.  Basically, you couldn’t just go in for the day.  When we were asking about it, the people at the pool said that you can also get in if you have a membership to Wonderscope.  If you’re interested, double check to make sure this hasn’t changed. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY MOM!  We’ll see you in a little bit.



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2 responses to “Wonderscope

  1. Wonderscope looks like so much fun. Noah would love it. Let’s take the boys there next time we’re in town!

  2. I missed this post somehow…happy belated bday to your mom :)

    and wonderscope looks just like the magic house here in STL. it’s a lot of fun, but a lot of work with one (your) luke’s age!

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