25 random things about me…

Sorry, I’m stuck in the world of Facebook and have absolutely nothing of interest to write about today.  So, I’m just going to copy my 25 random facts about me that I did over there onto here.  I’m sure I’ll get bored with Fb soon and things will get better.

1. I’ve been saying “it’s on like donkey kong” way too much lately after the Manning brothers/Williams sisters commercial. Peyton Manning has the best commercials.
2. I’m not a fan of the cold – I would rather be sweating.
3. If it doesn’t warm up soon, I’m packing up my family and moving out to San Diego. Eric thinks I’m kidding…
4. I love 80’s movies, specifically 16 Candles.
5. My favorite movie is Bridget Jones’ Diary.
6. I married my own Mark Darcy, except he’s not awkward or a lawyer and his name is Eric.
7. My boys are amazing.
8. I call Kenny my Love-a-dub-dub Kenny in the tub and Luke my Luker Duker
9. I have no idea if we’ll have 3 kids or just stop with the 2 that we have.
10. If we do have a 3rd child, I think it will have to be a boy. I can’t imagine a girl being added to the mix. I know that’s weird.
11. I love the smell of vanilla, lemons and lilacs.
12. I hate feet. Court Babcock, if you’re out there, I fully blame you :)
13. I am good with directions. Just show me which way is north.
14. My worst trait is that I’m stubborn. I’m still working on that one.
15. My best trait is that I’m loyal and caring.
16. I’m scared to death of scuba diving. It freaks me out and makes me hyperventilate.
17. I want to be a pilot, just not in small planes.
18. I’ve been to Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, The Netherlands and Japan.
19. I love Amsterdam. If I never go back to Japan, I’m okay with that (sorry).
20. I watch The City. There, I admitted it. Don’t judge.
21. I also like to watch t.v. shows on plane crashes.
22. I love politics.
23. I’m a republican. And no, you won’t change my mind.
24. I didn’t want to join Facebook.
25. I used to browse on my husbands but then he kicked me off. So here I am.



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2 responses to “25 random things about me…

  1. This was very fun to read!

  2. 14 and 15 kinda go hand in hand. I think of “stubborn” and “loyal” as two sides of the same coin. Neither is inherently good or bad.

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