F.P. makes me sick

That man and his group are in town.  They’re protesting up at the high school where my kids will eventually go.  I guess there are a few reasons why they’re up there:  a) last year the students voted for a gay student to be their Homecoming King and  b) one of the elected student body positions (president, maybe?) is also gay.  Neither of which they like.  

I just have no respect for them.  Yes, you can have your views but why make a production out of it?  Why go out of your way to hurt someone?  F.P. and family, you make me sick.


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3 responses to “F.P. makes me sick

  1. They are just repulsive.

  2. Annie

    Remember when they used to protest on campus all the time? They’d have there small children holding up hateful signs. They are ridiculous and only teach hate, which totally goes against what I believe it means to be a Christian.

  3. FP and his minions never cease to amaze me…in a bad way.

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