The countdown has begun


Luke is a pacifier baby (as was Kenny).  I know some people don’t like pacifiers but they’ve never really bothered me (except when you’re getting up for the 273rd time during the middle of the night when they’re a newborn to put it back in their mouth b/c they can’t yet do it for themselves).  We’ve just always slowly taken them away over time.  Right now, for example, Luke can only have one at church and when he sleeps.  But, he has a deadline that is coming up.  His 2nd birthday will be the very last day that he gets to use a pacifier. 

We did the same thing with Kenny.  Before Kenny turned 2, his cousin Noah was born.  It was perfect.  We told him that baby Noah needed the pacifiers.  The day after Kenny’s birthday I found a little box and Kenny dutifully stacked all of his pacifiers in it.  We then mailed them (aka pretended to put them outside for the mailman but they really just ended up in the trash) to Colorado.  That was it.  Kenny never asked for another one or acted like it bothered him that they were gone.  Don’t get me wrong, a stray one would randomly pop up from who knows where (I swear he had a hidden stash) and we would find Kenny happily sucking away on it but we would just take it away and Kenny moved on. 

Luke turns 2 on April 27.  I’m going to start talking to him about Steve’s baby girl or maybe Liz’s.  Hopefully “sending” his pacifiers to them will work like it did for Kenny. 

Until then Luke, enjoy them while they last.  The countdown has begun.



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4 responses to “The countdown has begun

  1. We did the exact same thing with Bennett…on his second birthday, we threw them in the trash and made a big deal of how he was a big boy and he didn’t need them anymore, and it was over! He didn’t nap well for a couple of weeks after that, but he NEVER cried for his paci.

    When Jack Henry turned 1, we went to pacifier for bed and naptime only (or a church meltdown!), and we’ll get rid of his at two, also.

    Good luck! And Luke, enjoy your last few weeks of the pacifier!

  2. I tried the same thing with my middle child but alas he has a selfish gene and it just didnt work (gorgeous child though LOL) so we made a tiny hole with scisors in all the dummy’s he hated it and promplty threw them all away. I know it may not work for you as different things work for different kids but worth a try.

    Unless he likes them flat LOL

  3. Sorry dummy = pacifier in Australia

  4. thanks for the idea! my luke is pretty stubborn so it very well may come in handy.

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