Brew and trivia

Last night, Eric and I went to our first beer tasting and trivia night at our church.  We ended up with 7 other people to form a team of 9.  I can’t tell you how much fun we had.  Seriously, if anyone needs an idea for a fund raiser, this is the way to go.

We paid $15 each for all the food and beer that you could eat/drink.  They had around 15 random beers from around the country for everyone to sample.  I wish I had a little more to drink.  The first six questions in the first category of the trivia involved us drinking unmarked beers and correctly identifying them.  Some of the other categories (there were 10 of them consisting of 10 questions each) included inventions, colors, this day in history, music and barrel of monkeys.  

We ended up in 6th place (out of 28 teams).  The category on catholic colleges/universities really hurt us.  Still, not too shabby.


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  1. illinigirl

    That sounds like a blast! :)

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