Chicken enchiladas

I found this recipe in the Holy Family Cookbook, which the parishioners at my Grandma’s church put together.  Church cookbooks always have the best recipes.  This is my favorite one at the moment. 

I have another really good recipe (my mom’s) for BBQ sandwiches that is yummy.  I’ll try to post that one soon. 

Chicken Enchiladas


Flour Tortillas

4 Chicken Breasts


Cream of Chicken Soup

Cream of Mushroom Soup

4 Oz. Green Chilies, chopped

1 Cup Sour Cream

Colby Cheese


Use a 9X13 pan, greased.

Microwave chicken breasts and cut into strips.  Put chicken on flour tortilla with 1 Tbsp. sauce (I’m a little more generous) and some cheese.  Roll up and put into pan.  Spread remaining sauce over all.  Sprinkle cheese over all.  Cook at 350 degrees for 20-30 minutes. 




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2 responses to “Chicken enchiladas

  1. yum! this is really similar to a recipe i make. can you just microwave raw chicken breasts?

  2. that’s what i always do. i’m sure the chicken would be good grilled too but it’s just too cold out right now.

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