Conferences March 2009

We had our spring conference with Kenny’s teachers today.  It went great.  He’s getting along with all the kids.  His teachers were impressed with his writing skills, and even more with the fact that he’s reading.  I guess one day he even took over reading one of the books that his teacher was reading to a few kids.  They said he’s more than ready for kindergarten and even joked that he’s ready for first grade.  I love when you go in and hear such good things about you kids. 

It seems so weird that once the school year is over we won’t be there again until the fall of 2010 when Luke is 3.  We’re going to miss it.


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2 responses to “Conferences March 2009

  1. It’s so reassuring to hear that they’re doing well when they aren’t with us, isn’t it?

    Can you believe you’ll have a kindergartener next year?

  2. What a smart and sweet little guy!

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