The case of the missing clump of hair


When you look at this picture, it’s pretty obvious that Kenny is missing a clump of hair.  I didn’t cut it.  Eric didn’t cut it.  We didn’t go anywhere to get it cut.  Kenny must have done it. 

I noticed it on Monday when I was brushing his hair.  When I asked him about it, he flat out denied doing it.  I didn’t feel good and didn’t feel like dealing with it.  Until tonight. 

I started talking to him about it before bedtime.  Once again, he denied doing it.  Kenny really doesn’t fib often.  I can count the amount of times he’s done it on one hand.  And the few that he’s told have all been about obvious things, like saying he picked up the toys in his room when he didn’t.  So when he kept telling me he didn’t cut his hair, I started worrying that someone might have done it at school.  It wouldn’t have been the end of the world but at the same time, I don’t want some other kid getting a scissor that close to my son.  The more I kept drilling him, the more Kenny kept saying that he didn’t know if it happened at school.  I finally told him that if he didn’t tell me the truth, I was going to have to talk to his teachers.  As soon as I said that he owned up to the fact that it hadn’t happened at school but that he might have done it on accident at home.  And the missing hair might be under his bed.  Which it was. 

That little stinker.  

Tomorrow, we will be making a trip to get his hair evened out.  He needed a haircut anyways.



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5 responses to “The case of the missing clump of hair

  1. Hahahaha! He might have done it on accident…that’s a good one… :)

  2. Annie

    That’s hilarious! I think all kids try to cut their own hair at some point. I think is so funny he hid the hair under his bed!

  3. I laugh at the thought of finding the clump of hair under his bed! How funny!

  4. Karen

    HILarious! I keep waiting for this to happen. Just picture the wheels turning when he decided under the bed would be a great hiding spot for the missing clump. he he he

  5. The hair under his bed is killing me, too! LOL

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