Things to do on St. Patrick’s Day

Here are some things I’ve heard people say to do on St. Patrick’s Day:

1.  This one is the most common – put green food coloring in all food and drinks.  Unless of course you wake up to find that you’re out of green food coloring.  There’s always next year, right?

2.  Put green food coloring in the toilet so your kids will think leprechauns have been there.  That one made me laugh b/c I never thought of leprechauns having green pee.

3.  Hide coins around the house.  Tell your kids that children are they are the only ones who can turn the coins from unlucky to lucky.  To do this, they must say, “I am lucky for…” after each coin they find.  This will help teach them to be thankful for the things and people in their lives.

Do you guys have any other traditions?



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5 responses to “Things to do on St. Patrick’s Day

  1. Here are the most common things I find people do on St. Pats:

    1. Drink
    2. Get drunk
    3. Get drunk some more

    Sad commentary on my friends, isn’t it? Obviously I am not with them or I probably couldn’t write this. Acting mature is so boring sometimes.

  2. that definitely should have been on my list.

  3. My family on my dad’s side (the irish side) goes to my grandparents’ house for corned beef and cabbage. I am SO NOT a fan of cb&c and can’t even stand the way it smells (but they also have ham). It’s SO fun. We usually have dorky stuff to wear and beer and different drinks (I guess one of my aunts made apple pucker jello shots today!). . . This holiday always makes me miss home because my family is just too much fun!

  4. Karen

    Anything that can be green gets green.

  5. kirksonya

    Love the coins idea. Gonna have to try and remember that one for next year! It used to be a day of drinking for me. Now, it’s a day of going to a parade and watching my kids get super excited!

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