Our spring break in numbers

Here’s a little bit of what our spring break looked like:

Number of people sick:  4

Number of minutes spent in the doctor’s waiting room:  80

Number of people with ear infections:  2  – Luke is on his 2nd ear infection in a month and Kenny now has one in both ears, which is his 507th ear infection (or at least it feels like that). 

Number of medications for ear infections:  4

Everyone is feeling better at this point, just in time for school to start again tomorrow.



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5 responses to “Our spring break in numbers

  1. the big question is: did kenny’s tubes work???

  2. that’s one of the first questions i asked our dr.
    he said that they are working. kenny had so much drainage coming out of his ear, which is how we noticed something was going on and why we took him in. our dr. said the tubes are getting all the sinus drainage out but ear infections can still occur. we were afraid the tube on his left ear had actually fallen out but luckily that wasn’t the case.

  3. it’s good that they drained! luke had a few infections, too, after he got tubes (and the bonus of tubes is that you always know when there’s an infection!).

  4. Karen

    BIG bummer! At least you didn’t waste a good tropical vacation this year or something. That would REALLY be a bummer.

  5. kirksonya

    What a bummer! I feel for you because our entire winter has been like that.

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