Stranger danger

Here’s an email I received from a woman in my church group.  This happened in the Lenexa area:

I wanted to let everyone I know with small kids in the area what happened to my son today. Ryan is my kindergartener. Around 12:30 today, he was in the front yard playing (we live a mile from Holy Trinity). I was watching him from the window. I saw a green pickup pull up to my driveway, and the passenger throw a basketball out the window. It rolled to Ryan, who picked it up and started walking to the truck. I ran outside and grabbed him when he was right next the the open window of the truck, giving the ball back. The passenger said he just wanted Ryan to air up the ball for him, and then the truck took off.

I called the police, and they searched the area for the truck, but it was gone. It was a newer large green pickup with Missouri plates. The police officer said it was a case of child enticement, and the guy was trying to get Ryan in the truck with them.

Please watch for any suspicious activity in your neighborhood and report it to 911 right away. I feel like they were just driving around, saw Ryan, and tried to get him. I hope and pray that they did not just go on to the next neighborhood.

Please be careful, and talk to your kids about ways strangers try to talk to them.



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2 responses to “Stranger danger

  1. FREAKY. Ugh…I hate stories like these. Yet another scenario I need to paint for them.

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