We took the boys over to the mall today to get their picture taken with the Easter Bunny.  It’s always a challenge to get Luke to take a picture with anyone in a costume so I bribed him.  I told him that if he took his picture, he and Kenny could go on the carousel.  Luckily it worked, and with minimal tears shed.  Afterwards, we headed over to the carousel.  Kenny’s favorite thing to ride on is the one that spins.  I think he’s gearing up for the spinning teacups at Disney World.  We’re looking into possibly making the trip down to Orlando next year.  Right now, we’re just researching everything.  If any of you  guys have any tips or suggestions for Disney, I’d love to hear them. 




I’ll try to post the Easter Bunny pictures tomorrow.




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4 responses to “Carousel

  1. Great pictures on the carousel! Disney sounds great! My friends Kate and Jason go there just about every year with their kids. I’ll ask them for recommendations for you.

  2. please do. we want to stay at a disney hotel. if they have in the past, ask them which one and if they would recommend it.

  3. OK, I talked to Kate. She recommended the Value Resorts. They stayed at Pop Century last time they were there and said it was great. It’s like a Holiday Inn room with tons of stuff for the kids (and you) to do at the hotel. She said definitely stay on property because then you don’t need to rent a car. They have shuttles. Also, as a side note, if you do stay on property, but the $25 mug. Seems ridiculously expensive, but then you get free drinks the whole time you are there. Hope that helps!

  4. thanks! i’ve had a few people tell me about pop century too.
    my friend tracey gave me a lady’s name who did their trip in january…i guess she did a great job. we may be calling her soon.

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