Easter egg hunt

My church group had their annual Easter Egg Hunt today.  I brought my camera along to take pictures but the batteries were dead so I decide to try out the camera on my cell phone.  Did I mention that I love this phone? 

Luke was so cute.  After the Easter bunny gave him some candy, he walked up to him and said, “tank ew.”  I don’t think the bunny heard but it was still so cute to me that he thanked him.









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3 responses to “Easter egg hunt

  1. Great pics. . . *really* great pics for a cell phone! I’m impressed!

  2. Too cute! We were supposed to go to an Easter egg hunt yesterday too, but they postponed it because of the snow. We’ll be doing that next Saturday now.

  3. Karen

    Sunny day and an Easter egg hunt – total spring fever!

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