The what sidewalk?

Jamie wrote today about how her son was on a “damnit” spree last night dinner.  I was laughing so hard while reading it.  It reminded me of a few weeks ago when we stayed with my parents due to a loss of power.  

That Sunday morning Kenny, Luke, my mom and I were driving to church.  We were talking about all the snow on the ground when Kenny angrily pronounced, “I can’t see the frickin’ sidewalk.”  I turned around and did the “what did you say?” thing.  To which he replied, “nothing.”  We had a little talk about how that’s not a word that you say, during which I tried my hardest not to laugh.  I can honestly say that that’s not a word I use.  I’m not pointing any fingers but if that didn’t come from me….

I’ve had a few slip ups too.  When they were doing all that construction on 69 and it was closed down to one lane, I may have accidentally muttered the word jacka$$ when a car sped to the front of the line of cars and cut everyone off.  For the next few months, every time we would hit that section of highway Kenny would ask if the j.a.’s were there.  And, to make it worse, at my parents he would drive these race cars around and call them j.a.’s.  Luckily that phase passed quickly.



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3 responses to “The what sidewalk?

  1. yeah, it’s all fun and games until it’s your kid saying the word!

  2. Karen

    Laughing. So laughing.

  3. One day Noah came down the stairs holding his leg and saying, “Man, my frickin leg is so sore!” Guess where he got that from.

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