Things I’ve learned

Here are just a few things that I’ve learned as a mom of boys:

– I can name almost any type of construction truck out there.  If you aren’t sure if it’s a front loader or an excavator, you now know who to ask.

– The same goes for tractors.  Having a dad who works for John Deere helps.

– Spider-Man holds his hand a specific way when shooting his web.  And you must make the sound effects at the same time.

– If you have no idea what they’re talking about, it probably pertains to a video game. 

– Aiming is harder than you think.

– At some point they will come outside naked, put their hands on their head and pee like a sprinkler.  In front of your friends. 

– Cute clothes can be hard to find.  Everything either has sports equipment or a truck on it.

– Tackling can occur at any moment in time, even at church.

– Even strong tacklers need kisses from their mom.

– Finally, as rough and tough as they can be, they still need to cuddle with their parents (thank goodness).


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3 responses to “Things I’ve learned

  1. So cute and so true! Don’t you just love being the mommy to boys? (total seriousness, not sarcasm this time!)

  2. I laughed hard at the pee like a sprinkler thing.

  3. love this post! and i’m impressed with your knowledge of all things trucks/tractors. that’s never been a huge attraction around here, so i’d be clueless.

    however, i can talk star wars with the best of them. :)

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