Easter 2009

Easter morning began with the boys digging into their Easter baskets.  Kenny received some soccer ball slippers, candy, a Spider-man kite and a huge Where’s Waldo-esque book.  Luke had a Little People book, candy and sidewalk chalk in his basket. 



After that we headed outside to find all of the eggs that the Easter bunny had hidden outside.  Kenny couldn’t decide if he liked the eggs filled with candy or the ones with money more.  Luke didn’t care.  He just liked finding the eggs.    




After all the eggs were found, we went inside and got ready for church.  By 9:00 we were all ready to go so we swung by my parents for some of my mom’s caramel rolls, which are heaven on earth.  Seriously, they’re that good.  Kenny and Luke had another basket waiting for them and more hidden eggs to find.  

Before we left for church, I made them pose in their Easter outfits.  Kenny’s outfit was my deal of the year (last year).  My brother Mike used to work at J C rew.  Someone returned this cute kid’s seersucker suit and it was on sale for a ridiculously cheap amount.  Mike saw it and called me.  I bought it and put it away.  It’s a little big so he’ll probably be able to wear it again next year.  



We had a great Easter and things are starting to wind down now.  I picked up all of our Easter stuff and it’s sitting upstairs in a pile, waiting to be put away.  What do you want to bet they’ll still be sitting there a week from now? 



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  1. OMG, Kenny is so cute in that suit!!! And I want a caramel roll!!!

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