This is what our week has looked like since Monday:

– On Monday Eric took Kenny to school, only to realize that there wasn’t school that day.  Yes, we were that family.

– On Tuesday we had a company come out and clean our vents.  They said our vents were one of the dirtiest they have ever seen.  Who knows if had ever been done before.  Gross.  They also did something so a huge cloud of dust came out of our vent while they were cleaning and left a layer of it in our kitchen and family room.  Big oops on their part.  We were nice about it (my house wasn’t clean) so they gave us a bunch of stuff/treatments free.  If my house had been clean I probably wouldn’t have been so nice.  It was still a pain having to wash/clean everything in sight.

– Yesterday, I pruned my roses almost down to their stumps, picked up all the sticks in our front yard, pulled all the weeds in our front yard, picked up about a month’s worth of dog stuff in the back yard and mowed the front and back yard.  When we bought our dog, my only stipulation was that Eric was going to be the one cleaning up the dog stuff.  This is the first time I’ve had to do it so I can’t complain too much.  I’m not trying to sound like a baby but our 1 year old dog weighed 91 pounds a month ago so his stuff is pretty big.  I was gagging almost the whole time.  I still need to pick up all the sticks and pull weeds in the back yard.  I might try to tackle that later today or tomorrow.

– I went to a Silpada jewelry party last night that Eric’s aunt and cousin were hosting.  I ended up buying a pair of cute earrings.  All of their stuff was cute, but way overpriced. 

– I’m taking the boys to the farmstead today.  Our friends are going to meet us if their doctors appointment doesn’t take too long.  Hopefully it won’t rain – cross your fingers!  Okay, I’m off to get everyone ready for the day.


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  1. Ali

    Holy Moly, I’m impressed! I’ve had the same amount of determination just to get stuff done–must be Spring!

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