If you need me, I’ll be outside

Ever since we’ve moved into our house we’ve focused on one project a year.  The first year we gutted out kitchen, the second year we replaced all the closet and bedroom doors downstairs and then last year we replaced the roof.  This year we’re focusing on other outdoor stuff.  Mainly, putting up lattice around the deck, replacing our fence, aerating our yard and replacing a few boards on our deck.  Eric finished the lattice yesterday so that’s one thing we can check off our list.

I’ve pretty much spent the last week outside trying to get all of the beginning of spring stuff done.  I cleaned out the garage (we’re talking shelves and everything), pulled weeds in front, planted flowers, painted my flower boxes, stained our front step, mowed, cleaned up dog stuff, uncovered and cleaned off all of our patio furniture and the kids’ stuff (playhouse, slide, swing set, etc).  Tomorrow I’m going to try to stain my patio furniture, add mulch to my flowerbeds and pull the weeds in the backyard.  I think I’m going to add borders to my flowerbeds in back but I need to figure out what I want my borders to be.  I’ll also have to wait to stain my deck until we’ve replaced those boards.  

So, if you’re looking for me, I’ll be outside.



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5 responses to “If you need me, I’ll be outside

  1. Oh my gosh, you are an insane woman. You have done so much already. I am a slacker! Watch the dog with the lattice (or maybe you don’t have to because your dog isn’t a nut job like Japhy). The day after Dan put lattice on the deck at our old house, Japhy ripped it to shreds.

  2. I hope you’re taking before and after pictures to document your progress.

    I have tons of stuff I want to do outside, but it’s been really cold and rainy here. Maybe this weekend…. maybe :)

  3. that’s why we had to replace ours. i’m not kidding, mac ripped off almost every single section of it last year. he hasn’t been chewing this year (knock on wood) but just in case, we bought the white plastic-ie type lattice.

  4. illinigirl

    Holy cow! Good work! I cleaned out the garage and patio on Sunday, but I’m sad to say that it probably hadn’t been done since post-Hurricane Ike in September. . . It’s not perfect, but sooooo much better.

  5. Karen

    Uh…What you accomplished in one day I would try in a month!!

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