I received this email from one of the women in my church group.  If you can help, please do:

My good friend Kori had something horrible happen last fall. Her daughter passed away after living 1 month at Children’s Mercy. The day of the funeral, just before burying her, Kori suffered a massive heart attack. She is only 34 and had no signs of any heart problems in her life. That day she died several times and they revived her. For the past 7 months, she has been on a special device that allows her to live until she gets a heart transplant. Her husband and 3 yr old daughter live here in KS while she lives in Salt Lake City waiting for a heart to arrive– the only hospital that would do her rare type of transplant.

While she has insurance, it only covers a certain percent and her medical bills are piling up.

We’re doing several fundraisers to help her.

Grab a friend or take your family out for a treat this Sunday, April 26th. Smoothie King, located at 135th and Metcalf (Overland Park, KS) will give 30% of their profits to the Kori Karstetter-Bigge Medical Fund if you mention “Love4Kori” between 11 AM-3PM.
Where: Smoothie King (135th and Metcalf location, Overland Park, KS)
When: Sunday, April 26th, 11 A.M.- 3 P.M.
Why: 30% of proceeds donated to Kori’s Medical Fund
Buzz Phrase: Make sure to mention “Love4Kori”


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