Zoo customary pics

It was raining when we woke up this morning, which meant we wouldn’t be working outside until at least mid-afternoon.  After the rain stopped, we decided to head out to the zoo while things dried out.  

We took our customary pictures of the boys in front of the pictures on the Australia side.


I thought I’d compare today’s picture to the ones we’ve taken in the past.  

Here are Luke and Kenny in January of this year.


October 2008 (Luke was walking running at this point).


April 2008 – look at Luke’s cheeks.


Kenny, pre-Luke, March 2007 – he looks so little. 




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3 responses to “Zoo customary pics

  1. how cute! we have some pix of my brother and i by a fence at the zoo, taken over a series of years.

    maybe i should try to find those and post them!

  2. Karen

    What a cool comparison! And great photo-op place at the zoo.

  3. I like how you’ve done the same pic every time/year you’ve gone. An idea to tuck away…

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